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Los Globos

Today, the team traveled through some beautiful countryside, with some very curvy mountain roads, for an hour and a half to Los Globos for the clinic.

Dr. Curry saw a little girl who, at 17 months, weighed only 12 pounds. He also noticed that she was not talking or walking. She will be referred to the Extended Care Program for follow up for developmental delay.

Lynn was very busy in the eye clinic and has been able to give two pairs of glasses to patients for both distance and close up vision. Patients were very happy about this new change.

Another patient of Dr. Curry’s was a little girl who had fallen three days ago and her wrist was swollen and very sensitive when touched. Dr. Curry determined that her wrist was fractured. He splinted the wrist with an ace wrap and stated that it ought to heal nicely in a couple weeks.

Roger saw 201 patients at the deworming clinic; he was so busy, Bert didn’t have as much time to chat with him!!!

Heather gave her cross to a mom who was very concerned about her teenage kids… and embarrassed to ask for a delousing kit. As Heather stated, “Moms are moms everywhere around the world.”

The members of the community, when told the team had to leave, brought a baby forward to the front of the line so she could be seen by the doctor. That is what these communities do for each other.

Clinic: 251

Dental: 32

Extractions: 53

Eyes: 57

De-Worming: 201

Vitamin A: 38

Fluoride: 5

Referrals to Extended Care Program: 17

The Trinity Mountain Medical Team

Don Boyd, Team Leader

Heather Case

Bill Curry

Charles Green

Roger Hart

Sarah Henley

Lynn Johnston

Thomas Lott

Bert Norfleet, Jr.

Don Pierce

Virginia Rhines

Jane Tucker

Art Utley

Cheryl Walsh

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