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Non-Stop Sunday

Whew! Members of the Trinity UMC Team are collecting their breath after a non-stop Sunday. It was much more challenging than usual as we prepared for the week serving the people of Honduras.

Trinity is the first team to work with a new inventory system developed jointly by Friends of Barnabas staff in the U.S. and Honduras. For mountain medical teams, pill counting is a typical activity on the Sunday before the week’s clinics. Today we bagged approximately 131,000 pills and vitamins, hopefully enough for the entire week. How long did it take? We started under cloudy skies about 9 a.m. and finished around 4 p.m. We did have an amazing lunch to break up all the bonding the team was doing. Well fed is the norm for every team coming to Honduras these days.

We finally got to see the sun and blue sky for at least part of the day. Last year, the Trinity team never saw the sun or blue sky and so it was a good day for returning team members, especially last year’s first-timers, to learn that both exist in the central mountains of Honduras.

Although it was a taxing day, we are all looking forward to our community visits this week. We prepared well for it today. Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming.

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