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A Busy Day

"Who are you to judge the servant of someone else? It is his own Master who will decide whether he succeeds or fails. And he will succeed because the Lord is able to make him succeed."

Romans 14:4

Each year when the repair team comes to the Barnabas House, there is painting to be done. Unlike in the states, there are no Sherwin-Williams or Lowes in every town, thus buying paint becomes an adventure. As we began this repair mission, we sent Ronnie aka "Gopher" to the local hardware store in Peña Blanca for various paints, stains, and polyurethane. He returned with quart cans of the most interesting can contained something that had the consistency of honey on a cold day in Alaska. According to the label, which was in Spanish, it was ready to use. We found that if you mixed it 10 parts paint thinner to 1 part paint, it might be usable. Let's just say something is lost in translation.

Don't we often misread people too? We are very quick to judge someone by the clothes they wear or the style of their hair. We tend to be very superficial; it's very hard not to be this way. However, we need to learn to "pop the top" and look inside before making judgments.

Today was a busy day; Nury took a group to San Pedro Sula to purchase beds, a table and chairs for the home owner and his family. We also bought a new gas range for the clinic kitchen. While we were in town Nury got a call about a 6-month-old boy with a heart condition; he needed two medications that are very expensive. The medications are available at the Barnabas House for free. We picked up the baby, his mother and his aunt in San Pedro Sula; they had traveled for hours to get to a doctor. He will be the last patient at the Barnabas House this year; the clinic closes next week and will reopen in January.

The group of workers that stayed behind finished the painting the kitchen and completed all kinds of yard work. The team had another very productive day with temperatures in the 90's.

"You then, who eat only vegetables...why do you pass judgment on your brother? And you who eat anything...why do you despise your brother? All of us will stand before God to be judged by him." Romans 14:10

The Repair Team

Shaun Abernathy

Ann and John Amos

Clinton Dalton

Ronnie Dillon

Bill Hogan

Ben Kendig

Kyle Kirby

Chris Lewis

Terry Lewis

Frank and Lil Martin

Ernest Sandridge

Stuart Yeaman

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