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Making Progress

Another day has come to an end in the mountains of Honduras. Our home builders finished all the block work today and will be setting rafters, leveling floors, and plumbing tomorrow. The kitchen group built cabinets and refinish old ones, relocated the cook stove and refrigerator today. The Adirondack chairs were also painted.

The weather here has been unusually cold for Honduras, but according to the Ronnie, it will be getting warmer. It rains every day which is very difficult for the home building team; they have been working in the clouds every day.

The Lord has given us such skilled workers that even the most difficult task seems simple. When something is needed, it appears; when we think something is impossible, He makes it possible...we serve an awesome God.

The Repair Team

Shaun Abernathy

Ann and John Amos

Clinton Dalton

Ronnie Dillon

Bill Hogan

Ben Kendig

Kyle Kirby

Chris Lewis

Terry Lewis

Frank and Lil Martin

Ernest Sandridge

Stuart Yeaman

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