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Our Final Days in Honduras

August 15, 2018

Today we visited Santa Ana, a Community Partner of Trinity United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia. This was our largest community of the week and we were greeted with smiling faces and willingness to help us unload the bus and set up the clinics. We worked with over 200 patients and distributed medicines, diapers, and many smiles.

While there were medical needs, material needs were fulfilled as well. Kate saw a family that came to the clinics and noticed that one of the children’s shoes had been cut in half. They had been her sisters and were cut to fit her properly. Kate and Iksita found her new shoes that fit perfectly and the happiness was seen in her face.

Lisa worked with a mother and her 4 month old child. After treating the baby and listening to the mother’s needs, the mom left to test for a urinary tract infection. While she was gone, Lisa and her translator watched and played with the baby. Afterwards, the mom asked both of them to give the baby a kiss on the cheek to bless him as they left.

Everyone in Santa Ana was gracious for the medical attention that was given to them. Towards the end of the day, Aileen and Julie encountered this little boy and his father. They were both very respectful; the young boy walking up and shaking their hand from the get go. Afterwards, the little boy thanked them and walked up to give both Aileen and Julie a big hug.

When we arrived home, the team had the opportunity to take a tour of the Barnabas House. This is where children in the Extended Care Program come to be seen and there are even rooms for patients and their families when an overnight stay or longer is required.

The hidden gem of today was Bill and Linda serving their God in a way that some people find so easy, but it means so much. Bill and Linda adopted a family and gave funds to help with their medical needs. The mother was blind and her child possessed development disabilities. The tears shed from Bill and the thank yous from the mother was a pure blessing of God and everyone around them witnessed the same feeling.

August 16, 2018

The Farmville Team wants to give a big shout out and thank you to Raul, our bus driver!

No matter how bumpy and winding some of the roads were, Raul was very skilled and managed to get us everywhere safely this week without the huge smile leaving his face.

After one of the bumpier bus rides I’ve been on, we reached our last village of the week, El Cielito, literally meaning ‘little heaven’. Even in a half day, we saw around 150 patients. This community stands true to it’s name, because we feel the people were so gracious and loving that they were a little part of heaven itself.

This community displayed something no one else had seen throughout the week. Many of them were very lighthearted and joked with our team and FOB staff. There seemed to be so much happiness in this village. Two elderly ladies visited the vitamin station and we could sense such a strong bond so we asked if the two were sisters. They explained they were sisters of God and insisted we get their picture together. The two ladies joked so much with each other and just enjoyed the time together and with us.

Arjun and I met this other man that was so full of life. He told us jokes and making us laugh. He then started to tell us about his age and being able to see exceptionally well. The man went on to explain to us that he had a pain in his throat, which made him cough like “a dog”. Sarah saw this man in the clinic and due to his symptoms and referred him to a Dra Moncada.

After a long week of hard work, the team got to visit the falls, where we zip lined across the waterfall. It was a once in a lifetime experience that all of us enjoyed. Bonding as a team after working alongside each other was a pure joy to end the week. While taking pictures afterwards, we were caught on camera by a local news team, and may even appear on the news!

Our night ended with a sentimental dinner accompanied by Raul and Lidia. We said our sad goodbyes, and packed up to enjoy a long day of the beach the next day. It saddens us to leave Alfredo’s house and our Barnabas family, but all of us have made bonds this week that will be remembered for a lifetime. We are proud of the work we did this week and very grateful, and we are very grateful to the people of Honduras who have touched our hearts.

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