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A Glimpse Inside the Medical Clinic

Tuesday March 20th 2018

The Trinity Team saw a variety of patients today in the medical clinic. We saw a 7 year old boy with a laceration on his foot requiring more care than what we could provide in the clinic. We cleaned and dressed the wound and then collected money amount our team to cover the transportation cost to get him to the hospital immediately.

A 3 year old girl came into our clinic healing from 3rd degree burns covering her abdomen that she received 6 weeks ago after her dress caught fire from the stove. She had skin grafts from her legs covering her abdomen, and thankfully she is doing very well.

We saw a 2 year old girl with a severe club foot and deep ulcer to the bone from how she was walking on the side of her foot. We were able to clean and dress the wound and treated her with antibiotics. We are hoping she’ll be able to receive surgery soon.

We referred a 7 year old boy who is blind and deaf to a specialist. The boy is currently attending school, but he does not yet know sign language.

A woman walked 3 hours with her infant, toddler and school aged children to be seen in the clinic. She had visited our clinic in the past and knew the importance of coming to been seen by our doctors and nurses.

It was a busy day, and after returning to the house we were given a wonderful surprise by the physical therapy students joining us this week- back massages! We will get some rest tonight and see what tomorrow brings.

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