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A Day of Blessings in Buena Vista

Journal 3

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It was a short trip today to Buena Vista, and the town was true to its name. Such beauty was seen as we drove up the mountain. We were struck by the large number of children in this village today. We saw a total of 260 people.

The surprise of the day was a little 5 year old girl who was smaller than her three and a half year old brother. Every person who saw her as she went to each of the clinics asked the same question, "She's FIVE?" We found that due to health issues her growth has been stunted. A beautiful little one she is, and God has a plan for her. She was referred by Dr. Moncada to be seen and evaluated for cardiac and other issues. Please keep little Anny in your prayers.

Judy gave her cross to a 30 year old woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She told Judy she was sure she had caused the disease, but Judy reassured her she had not. In spite of her very crippled fingers her two little girls were spotless and all dressed up in their Sunday best.

Shaun gave his cross to a 6 year old girl he saw crying with her head in her hands while in the dental clinic. She was already numbed and was waiting for the medicine to take hold. She was extremely nervous so he took her by the hand and sat with her for her comfort while she waited. He gave her his cross which seemed to calm her down. The dentist then pulled her teeth and as she walked off she gave Shaun a big smile.

Linda gave her cross to a 21 year old mother of three. The mother has the same birth date as Linda's daughter who is graduating college this year. The differences in lifestyles of people are so vast! We saw a woman who had a child when she was 13 years old and was now 20, the same age as one of our interpreters who has no children. Even our Honduran interpreter was amazed at the differences in their lives.

Charles gave his cross to a woman with broken shoes. She was very happy to receive both a pair of shoes and his cross.

Scott's cross was given to a young girl who kept repeating "two" to him. When he asked what "two" meant she proudly raised her upper lip to show him she had TWO teeth extracted!

Another very busy day but very blessed to be here serving God in this way.


Peggy and Flo

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