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A Busy Day In Santa Ana

Journal 2

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We got a bit of a late start this morning due to a problem with the bus, but it was quickly resolved and we were on our way up the mountain again. Two and a half hours later we arrived at Santa Anna, Ceguara, Santa Barbara where a very large crowd of smiling people were waiting patiently. Once again the bus was unloaded and clinics were set up very quickly to begin what ended up a very busy day!

The dental clinic was going non stop all morning and did a total of 55 extractions. A child age 3 was particularly heartbreaking for Bobby and Shaun.

Bobby gave his cross to a woman whose left leg and arm were disfigured. As she sat the chair flipped and she fell. She was not injured, but was very grateful. Her demeanor touched Bobby so his cross is now hers.

Michelle gave her cross to a single mom whose daughter had disabilities. The mother was very stoic, the daughter was well dressed, clean and appears to be very well taken care of.

Carlos gave his cross to Susanna, a 22 year old woman with Downs Syndrome who has never seen a doctor in her life and lives with her sister. Even though our program ends at 18 years of age for Downs Syndrome referrals, Nury will try very hard to get her into the program for follow up.

At times today it was quite overwhelming for some team members. We were busy from start to finish seeing a total of 248 people! Some cases were particularly heart breaking, but our team rallied during debriefing to assist one another in processing and preparing for tomorrow.

Eileen cleaned 7 ears today which in itself is quite a task and not the most pleasant thing to do. In particular finding insects in two of them. She gave her cross to the woman with one of the insects who was so grateful she grabbed hold for a huge hug and began praying and kissing Eileen on the face!

Flo gave away 2 crosses today to a couple women aged 63 and 80. They both suffered from Diabetes and Hypertension. Both were taking their medicines as ordered and their illnesses appeared very well controlled. Luciana, the 63 year old had an air about her that just radiated Jesus' love. Maria, 80 year old, emanated similarly.

An awesome day to say the least. Every single person so grateful for our help, no one complaining, all working together with God as our leader.

God Bless and please continue to keep our team in your prayers.


Peggy and Flo

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