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Danville, Virginia Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Friday

How does one find the words to describe the week we have just experienced? Words can't do it justice and neither can pictures. Even the stories that have been told don't fully describe the scope of our trip. Some of us on the team agreed that you just have to come and experience it for yourself. On our first night here, Nury told us that coming here is like an addiction. How true it is. Once the people, food, beauty and culture get into your system you can never get enough. Being here becomes a part of you and you do everything you can to try to return for more.

The team photo taken this morning was quick and easy but the lives that each face represents are complex and meaningful. We have grown to love each other as we have worked side by side serving Jesus in Honduras. It brings great pleasure to watch the week unfold and see how each member uses his or her gifts to make the work week run smoothly. We will always be grateful for the effort our team leader Scott Williams made in order to be with us. He didn't have to come. Any of us would have understood his medical reasons for staying home. We could have survived the week without him, but we are sure glad that we didn't have to. Well done, Scott! We love you and appreciate all you have done for us!

By now we miss our loved ones and our own beds and we are ready to return home. A trip like this, as wonderful as it is, takes a lot of energy, patience and intentional effort to trust in those who have already traveled this road. My own personal term for this is "Hondurance" because of how much it takes to endure a week such as this; it is wonderfully hard and yet very rewarding. To be able to use one's gifts to help those in need is quite a privilege. Susanne shared during devotions that if we don't use our gifts then we are being ungrateful for what we have been given. She blessed us during our final devotion by using her gift of singing. She sang Ave Maria for us. It was beautiful and she has been a nice addition to our team this year.

Janet gave the final cross of the week to her translator, Jorge, because it was his first week with us and he did a really good job. She wanted to encourage him to continue to follow his dreams.

As we pack up our things and wash away the last of the village dust, we want you all to know how important it has been for you to come along with us on this journey. So many of you contributed in ways that made it possible; some prayed, some gave, and some stayed behind to care for things at home. Please know how grateful we are for all of you. You have always been on our minds while we have been here.

The God-given task here in Honduras is incomplete. There are still a lot of people in need. There will always be room for you to ride along in the big white bus. This Honduras addiction is as good as it gets. It is a priceless opportunity which one really needs to experience in person.

You will be amazed by the love you will feel from the people at home and by the love you will receive from the humble and kind people of Honduras. They are the ones in need and they are the ones who meet a deep need in all of us.

It might take "Hondurance" to be here and make it

through the week, but it will be worth it.

Susan Crews

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