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Nothing is Impossible with God

Danville, Virginia Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Thursday

Tonight we learned from Luke 18:27 "What is impossible with man is possible with God." An encouraging word to help us see past the seemingly impossible circumstances before us and to look to God to find a way to make them possible. This is a promise that we can claim when we want to help someone in need but we aren't exactly sure how to do it.

I overheard someone say, "This is not a vacation it's a mission trip." Today came very close to feeling like a day of vacation because we had views on our drive that are comparable to any mountain pass I have traveled. It felt like we had a laid back day with friends and family. We played with bubbles and a soccer ball in the yard and the little girls received manicures. If it hadn't been for the clinic work, it could have easily passed for a vacation day.

The village of El Sauce San Luis is at a very high altitude (4800 feet) and grows high quality coffee that is sold for exporting. This means that some in the community are prosperous and thriving. The health of the residents was good overall. We even got to witness children receiving a TOMS shoes donation. Denise said, "It was nice to see the company doing what it has promised."

Even with a degree of prosperity in the community, there was a family identified with great needs. They are living in what may seem like impossible circumstances, but we will try to get them connected with those who can help. God already has a plan for what is possible, so we are trusting Him with it.

Several team members gave their crosses to people who touched their hearts. Sabrina gave hers to the volunteer community leader because of all he does for them with such a great attitude. Dr. Judy gave hers to a patient whom she thought was having a heart attack. Thankfully, for the patient the problem was less severe. Susanne gave her cross to the mother of the needy family we will try to help. She wanted the mother to know that she was not alone in her circumstances and there would always be people thinking about her. XiaoXiao gave her cross to a precious two year old girl with Down's Syndrome. This child represents the reason this ministry exists.

When we climbed the steep mountain today, we did not know what we would face in the village. We found examples of poverty and hardship existing alongside examples of prosperity and ease. But this actually describes all of our lives. Some of us may be facing seemingly impossible circumstances while others are not. All of us awaken not knowing what each day will bring. Some will learn bad news while others learn of good news. Some will finish a medical treatment, others will be starting. Some will be at the beginning of life's journey while others are at the end.

Whatever we are going through, God is with us. He promises to never leave us and He promises that He will make the impossible possible. He is doing this here in Honduras and I am sure that He is doing it right where you are while you are reading this journal.

We have felt your prayers for us all week and we are very thankful for each one. Please continue to pray for us for our last work day and as we make our way home on Sunday, following a real day of vacation on Saturday.

Blessings to you all,

Susan Crews

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