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Just Imagine

Harmony UMC Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Day 5

Just Imagine:

Imagine living in a community that did not have a heath center, no doctor, no nurse, no urgent care.

Imagine that the nearest health center, not hospital, was 6.5 kilometers away.

Imagine that you don't have a car or resources to get there.

Imagine that you have a headache or a cold and have no pharmacy, no store to buy Tylenol or cold medicine.

Imagine that you had to support your family on a daily wage of one to three dollars a day, thirty to ninety dollars a month.

The people of Honduras do not have to imagine these things. This is their life and this reality has been revealed to me and my team this week. Our eyes have been opened as well as our hearts as we have strived to meet what needs that we can through our clinic day.

Today we traveled to the village of La Cuchilla, Concepcion Sur. They have a population of 700 divided among 140 families. Our medical team provided care to 283 people from this community. It was truly our pleasure to do what we could for them. Everyone was so gracious and full of hope.

This evening we all shared personal stories of the families that touched us the most. Love knows no language, it is a language of its own, and we have all experienced it this week as God had guided us to this beautiful country to do His will.

The king will reply, "truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you did for me”.

Mathew 25:40

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