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Generous Hearts

Harmony UMC Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Day 4

Our third clinic day for our Mountain Medical Team was only a 45 minute drive away so we got to “sleep in” today – breakfast wasn’t until 7 am and on the bus by 7:30. But it was a wonderful breakfast, of course, prepared by our talented chefs and a wonderful blessing. It was a large table of the entire “Harmony Team” and all the Honduran staff of Friends of Barnabas sharing morning devotion and a meal together.

The 45 minute drive was not nearly as eventful as yesterday but Marco did not disappoint us in providing us with a bumpy thrill-filled ride.

We arrived in the community of El Palmar, Las Vegas Santa Barbara. That’s right, we went to Vegas today. No showgirls or gambling in this Las Vegas, but we were yet again met by many smiling faces and the children sang us a song of welcome. There were schoolchildren all nice and neat in their uniforms and many family members along with them. This is a community of 200 families with access to water that comes from a fountain 1 km away.

El Palmar only has an elementary school for the children, no kindergarten or high school. The nearest Health Center is 10 km away. The main agricultural activity is coffee, beans, corn and bananas. The incidence of pregnancy in teenagers is around 40%. When asked what their principal needs were, they answered – education and medical brigades. We tried to provide at least part of these needs.

We saw 228 patients today, 33 dental extractions, and 36 glasses distributed. Again some of the highlights of our day were the soccer matches, bubble blowing, temporary tattoos, and beach ball that we played with the children. I think we all feel like a well-trained team now setting up our room, seeing our patients and showing God’s love one patient at a time.

On the way back to Barnabas House, we had a nice stop at a local coffee house in Pena Blanca. It was relaxing and warmed us as we continue to be amazed at how cold it has been here during our week in Honduras. We had some fun assembly lines folding and packing FOB t-shirts and FOB coffee to take back to Virginia with us, then a wonderful American traditional dinner of fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

We are recounting many ways in all our days of how we see God. He is with us continually as we serve Him during our days here in Honduras. The children singing to us, the gratitude and affection the children show us, and the bravery as they face the dentist’s chair. Amy shared 2 Corinthians 9: 6-15 as evening devotions: “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” She shared the many ways she has seen the generous giving of Lummi Indians on another mission trip. If someone comes up to you and says they like your hat, they give the person their hat. A teenager today liked Amy’s cross, so she gave him her cross. We need to have a generous heart as Jesus has instructed us to do and we will “reap generously.”

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