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Banana Morning

It was a banana morning at breakfast: banana bread and oatmeal and pineapple juice.

David laid blocks for the fence all day and is almost finished. Plumbing in the bathroom is roughed in and is connected to the drain field. All the sheetrock is up and mudded. The second coat to go on tomorrow.

Also the rail was put back up with three new posts set and concrete poured.

The ladies finished sanding all 24 chairs on the car port and put a finish on them. A few chairs were a little tacky during devotions, but it turned out well.

Pete fixed the drip in the kitchen sink at the Alfredo House.

Dinner was fish, rice, beans and potatoes. Kyle led the devotions about the choices we make. It was a long hard day, and many retired early.

This morning a husband and his wife brought their very sick 2 year old to the clinic, the husband patiently waited at the guard house until the child was seen by the medical staff. The family left very grateful for the clinic.

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