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For A Reason

Cinnamon buns, papaya, yogurt and coffee got us off to a great start this morning. The trip to our third community was flat, yet bumpy in places. When we arrived in La Union, we converted 3 school houses into the dental clinic, the vision clinic, and the medical clinic. Vitamins, deworming and fluoride were able to enjoy the nice breeze outside under a nearby tree. The community has no electricity, but one school house had solar panels on the roof, providing

some power.

Many great things happened today. A woman walked an hour and a half from a nearby village to visit the vision clinic, along with the other clinics. She told Paul she had woken up early to start her journey, but her husband wouldn't come along because he had to work today. Paul was able to help not only her, but her husband as well by sending her with sunglasses and reading glasses for him. Paul jokingly told the woman that she would be known as the best wife in her village!

In the medical clinic, Kim saw a young brother and sister, both with heart murmurs. Their father, Jose, had lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 13 years before moving back to Honduras. Kim was able to refer both children to the Extended Care Program to provide the follow-up and additional help that they would need. Jose stayed with his kids until we were finished with the clinic and he helped to load up our totes back on the bus. He then got on his bike, put one child in front of him and the other child behind him, and headed out of the clinic.

Henry saw 14 patients in the dental clinic, and extracted 29 teeth with the help of Pat and Bill. The general clinic saw 191 people, including a 4 week old boy whom Karen evaluated and found to be in good health. At the beginning of the day, a girl walked up to Amanda at the vitamins, deworming and fluoride station. Before work began, she first put her hand on Amanda's shoulder, then moved behind Amanda and started giving her a massage! The girl returned several times that day to blow bubbles, help detangle cross necklaces, and to put her arm around Amanda's shoulder. The girl didn't need medical help, just to touch someone and to be touched in return knowing that someone cared about her as well. She said goodbye before she left with a smile on her face. Today was hot, but we all worked together and accomplished many great things.

John 3:16 was the topic of our devotion tonight, led by Stan. "For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Before this verse in the Bible, we learn about the story of Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish ruling council with much influence among the people in those days. Nicodemus asked Jesus how someone could be born again. Nicodemus risked a lot talking to Jesus. However, Nicodemus's life was touched and changed because he was willing to take that step and trust Jesus. In the same way, our lives and hearts are being changed as we take that step and trust that God has put us here for a reason. The lives of the Honduran people are also being changed as they receive help, whether it’s medical or just to say hello and get a hug. What a great God we serve; He knows just what we each need, and if we are willing He is there to touch our lives and change our hearts.

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