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A Fun and Memorable Day

Sunday was a great day filled with some memorable and fun activities. After a delicious breakfast of eggs, pancakes, papaya and pineapple, we headed to Pulhapanzak Waterfall in a nearby town. We were able to complete a short hike and see the waterfall from different angles. Some of the adventurous group members chose to zip line across the waterfall, creating a fun experience for all. Before leaving the waterfall, the team had an informal Communion service. Pastor Brad talked about the idea of "Receiving, Blessing, Breaking, and Giving" as a way to view our mission trip as we visit our first community tomorrow.

On the way back to the Alfredo House for lunch, it was interesting to see the activities going on around us. Looking out the bus window, you could see people visiting with one other outside their homes, families walking along the road with girls dressed in beautiful and fancy cotton dresses (I assume going or coming home from church), vendors selling fruits, vegetables and other treats in road side stands, children playing soccer, and beautiful trees and flowers in bright, vibrant colors.

After eating lunch, we sorted children's vitamins, adult vitamins, Tylenol and Tums into different bottles and bags. While counting almost 25,000 pills we were able to talk, laugh and be in conversation with each other. Once the sorting was finished, we packed up all the supplies for the week and loaded them onto the bus as an afternoon storm was approaching. The downpour of rain came later after we had successfully loaded the bus without getting soaked. With an hour of free time before leaving for dinner, team members relaxed, connected with family back home, chatted with each other, and played a game of pick-up football.

Eating dinner at a local restaurant, the D&D Brewery, was a perfect way to end the day. With entrees including kabobs, tilapia, chicken with pineapple, and enchiladas (just to name a few) we couldn't go wrong with whatever choice we made. Traveling back to the Alfredo House, kids were still playing soccer at 8pm at night. Peña Blanca was quieting down, but some people were still out and about. As we get ready for bed tonight, we are excited about what tomorrow brings with our first visit to one of the local communities.

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