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What An Amazing Day!

What an amazing day! Twenty-two medical professionals were in attendance at today’s education conference in San Pedro Sula. The audience included pediatricians, clinic physicians, nurses, therapists and representatives from other non-profit organizations. Despite a few technical glitches, and a short loss of power, our speakers delivered thought-provoking and informative talks.

Dr. Pablo Velez began the day discussing the latest research on brain development and how malnutrition effects that development. He stressed the need for early intervention for children living in impoverished situations. Kristie then followed with what is seen as typical and atypical physical development. Irene did a great job of explaining how speech develops as well as strategies to use in promoting speech development. Kathy led the discussion of feeding children with Down Syndrome and those with low muscle tone. Strategies for facilitating oral-motor function were demonstrated. Fátima finished the day discussing fine motor and sensory development of the child from 0-2 years old.

Feedback was immediate and overwhelming for our team. Several participants stood to thank the speakers for sharing their knowledge, and asked when they could come back to continue the discussion. Other wanted their colleagues and co-workers to learn about all the information that was shared. All saw the importance of screening and early intervention for young children. The team was even invited to speak at the San Pedro Sula Pediatric Association.

The team is continuing to brainstorm as I write, even after a long day of presentations. Preparations are being finalized for meeting with FOB’s community health volunteers that serve in the 30 partner communities visited by the mountain medical teams. Energy is still high. We are grateful for all the prayer and support that is being sent for us.

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