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Early Intervention

"Early intervention is all about changing the architecture of babies’ brains while they can still grow!" exclaimed Irene Jarett, speech therapist from the Child Development Center in Simi Valley, CA.

Expand the amygdala, which processes decision making and emotions, and increase the grey matter by up to 20 percent. It's not science fiction! New studies show that the stress of poverty is a risk factor for poor brain development, and early intervention can be a child's best chance to thrive.

Our week begins tomorrow with a symposium for medical and developmental professionals. We will be collaborating with our Honduran colleagues on the early diagnosis and treatment of conditions like cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and Autism.

The Development Team is grateful to be here, spending time with our welcoming FOB staff. Looking forward to a week of expanded awareness and furthering the cause of improved sustainable health care for all.

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