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Little Hearts - Sunday

We arrived at Ruth Paz this morning and all US team members are gone. The six Little Hearts patients still at the hospital are being competently cared for by Honduran nurses and doctors.

All patients will spend at least one more day at the hospital -- Mirza has already done five laps around the hallways; Deysi is having a bottle; Astrid and Eduar are playing with their moms; and Marcos is napping.

Jeferson’s kidneys are working with the help of hemodialysis. The Honduran team of Dr. Paz, Dr. Fonseca, Dra. Belinda and Dra. Cinthia are consulting with other specialists to determine the best course of treatment for Jeferson. His condition is serious, please pray for him and his sweet mama who rarely takes a break from his bedside.

We also ask for your prayers for all of the patients, their families and the Honduran medical staff who are providing their care.

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