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It’s already Friday! The week of surgeries has flown by. Two surgeries are scheduled for today and one was postponed. Although a surgery was postponed, how awesome that the child will not have to wait up to a year for another surgical brigade to come to Honduras. With the opening of the Little Hearts Project surgical ward and intensive care unit, he can have surgery when he is healthy and ready!

Not much has been shared about the children who had surgery on Wednesday. The first surgery on Wednesday took longer than planned, thus delaying the start of the other two procedures. For the parents and family of Gracia, Jeferson and Marcos, the wait for the news that their child was out of surgery must have seemed like an eternity.

In every Little Hearts Project child, we witness both the fragility and the resiliency of the human body. This has been especially true with the three from Wednesday. A child’s airway becomes blocked, she stops breathing and is intubated. Fluid collecting in the linings of the chest cavity, putting pressure on the lungs and heart, is drained. Kidneys failing to clean waste products from the blood impact

the body’s ability to heal and dialysis is needed. And, of course, there is the miracle of the human heart, pumping blood to every cell of a body in less than 60 seconds, providing oxygen and nutrients.

There are some very sick kids here at Ruth Paz and the week has been filled with intense moments and challenges. Everyone -- Honduran medical professionals and organizations, U.S. volunteers, FOB staff – stepped up to face the challenges presented in order to make the world a little better… one child at a time. We are especially grateful to Diálisis de Honduras for their assistance.

Please keep everyone, especially the Little Hearts, in your thoughts and prayers.

¡Muchas gracias!

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