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Roller Coaster

The drive to today’s community was long, but worth it. In the words of one of our team members, we can forget any future amusement park trips—today was the only crazy ride we’ll ever need! Marco led the way in the driver’s seat with admirable patience.

Every bump we hit on the way over faded in importance as we arrived at the school and saw a line of joyful people waiting. Jill delivered a glowing welcome speech as we set up our various clinics. The jobs were switched up a bit today, which breathed new life into each position.

A man could suddenly see because of a new glasses prescription. A teenage boy had his throbbing molars taken out and beamed with gratitude and strength after the operation, despite his intense pain. Children colored, smiled, and laughed after receiving their deworming medication. These are just a few of the many times God revealed himself to us today.

We safely returned back down the spiral roller coaster of a mountain and had a dinner that was lovingly prepared. We had a powerful devotional and ended another incredible day.

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