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A Beautiful Day

Today began as a beautiful day. With Marco driving, we started up a steep mountain. We arrived in approximately forty minutes to our second village. This community was at the top of the mountains with a beautiful view. We set up our supplies at the school, which was very nice. The villagers jumped right in to help us unload.

The medical clinic today had a special visitor, who was very fond of our team members. He was an eighty-year-old man. Coming into the medical clinic about five times, he was very eager to talk to everyone. This man visited every station to say hello to all the people that had helped him. He was very fond of Jessica’s translator Kayla who enjoyed chatting with the old gentleman. He had a way to make everyone smile and filled the room with laughter.

An eighty-four year old woman, with a cane and blind in one eye, came to see Aileen. After she was seen in the medical clinic, she was on her way to receive her glasses. On the way, there were steps were in her path. She was trying to step down them but she could not see well to confidently get down. There was a young boy who saw she needed help, so he came to her rescue, picked her up and carried her down the steps. It was amazing to see the younger generation so helpful toward the elderly. When she was on her feet again, she made her way to the eye clinic where she found a pair of glasses to help with her sight. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that she could finally see clearly through her good eye.

We had a very good set-up today in my room (the fluoride clinic), I helped sixty-three beautiful children today. Every child was so very cooperative and thankful. It’s getting much easier to speak and work with the children for everyone. Nothing makes me happier than talking to the children and watching them smile.

Carlos and Walter were the translators in my room, and we could not help everyone without them. Today our crew played with the children outside and Bill painted the fingernails of a little girl -- a grandpa truly in his element. It was a very happy and successful day, which makes me look forward to visiting tomorrow’s community.

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