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The Rockbridge team started off the day traveling up a bumpy road in the Honduran mountains. With the Friends of Barnabas crew loaded in the bus, packed with all of our supplies, we were on our way to the first village. Marco was our driver and did a wonderful job of not hitting too many potholes in the road. After a fun bus ride we arrived approximately in the community about forty-five minutes after our start.

Once the bus was parked, the team started unloading the supplies. The residents from the village jumped right in to help, s

howing their gratitude towards us for coming. The children and their parents were dressed in the best clothes they had. Everything was set up very fast so we could start our work for the day. The first room had five medical stations along with the pharmacy. In the same room the Friends of Barnabas director, Nury was giving the children shoes and bracelets to wear. In another room was the vision clinic where many people were helped to finally see clearly. When the glasses were put on their faces, big smiles flashed across the villagers’ faces, showing their happiness. There was a dental clinic in the other room, with a Honduran dentist helping children and adults by pulling their teeth. The people were strong and brave to endure the extractions.

Finally, in last room was the deworming and vitamin stations along with the fluoride station where I worked. I was the only one assigned to that station. I believe it was the best place to be assigned because I got to spend quality time with the young children. Seeing them laugh and smile as I was providing fluoride to their teeth brought me so much happiness. Families came through this station one at a time.

After our work was done for the day, three of the little children came into my area where we joined together to draw and play. There were two little girls and one very shy boy, all three were full of life with happiness beaming from their smiles. The children were easily entertained while making new friends with us. This was a great way to end our day, they made us laugh and smile which will carry us through to our next village.

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