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A Great Week!

Founded in 1975, there are 63 families, living in 46 houses,

in Quebraditas. Thirty of the houses have latrines outside the homes. There is access to water from a fountain, which is 1.5 kilometers from the community. The school has 80 students in kindergarten through middle school. They do not have a midwife in the community and all births occur at the hospital. The community has electricity, but it does not go to all the homes.

Pedro stated that he had a wonderful day and an amazing week with a great team.

Tariq said the pharmacy was rocking and rolling today. Though a lot of people were seen, everything went smoothly.

Tonia said her favorite part of the day was meeting a little girl named Donia. Donia’s father took the time to shake the hands of the team members, thanking everyone for their service.

Teresa commented that she had a blessed week in the eye clinic.

Jason wasn’t too busy with fluoride today, so he spent some time observing the children playing. He was able to interact with them and asked for their photo.

Mallory had plenty of time to play with children, providing them with drawing materials. When the drawings were completed, Mallory told them to take them home to their parents. Instead they gave them to her. This simple gesture was very touching.

Barrett said the dental clinic was slow today, which gave him a chance to practice speaking Spanish with the people waiting outside. Some understood him and some didn’t.

Mary said she was given a chance to talk at length with the dentist, Dr. Arita, and that he is a very kind person.

Michelle said she had a great week. Today she had a 60 year old man who had lost his wife 10 years ago. Unable to work because of a hernia, the man was referred to a program, for which he is eligible and hopefully he can have the surgery.

Sharon incised a cyst on the arm of a teenage boy. He was insecure about the look of the cyst, and was very excited to have it removed.

Jessica observed that the condition of the community today was much better than when they visited it two years ago. She took care of the president of the community and his sons.

Carlos said that he was not expecting so many people today and noted how polite everyone was.

Dale was happy to play with lots of babies today. One was referred to the extended care program for a heart murmur.

Yolanda commented on the number of hypertensive people and multiple urinary tract infections that she treated.

Donnie thanked everyone for their hard work during the week. He has received positive comments from the FOBF staff and also positive comments within our group.

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” (Mother Teresa) This quote embodied our day. At one point, we thought we had seen all the people in the community. Some of the stations began to pack up. Just when we thought we were nearing the end, several more families appeared at the gate and asked if they could be seen. We said, “of course!” and stayed until we had seen the last of the patients.

We would like to thank all of our friends and family for their continued prayers and support. We have had an amazing week, with 1,425 patients seen in the medical clinics. The total patient encounters for the whole week were 3,185!! These numbers are incredible, and are a testament to the work we have done this week. It was a GREAT week!

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