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Little Hearts Underway

The work of the Little Hearts Project is underway. The first team members arrived on Monday morning and immediately began performing echocardiograms on children that afternoon - over 40 echos in the last 2-1/2 days!

The cath lab opened yesterday (Wednesday) at Cemesa Hospital.

After only a few hours at the hospital, I witnessed the:

The faithfulness and goodness of team members who return each year to Honduras to provide care to children

The patience of parents with small children as they wait to be seen and their kindness as they console those children who become tired and wary of the “goop” spread on their chests and the transducer

The peace and joy of parents who learn that there is help for their children

The love that binds us as we answer the call to love one another -- the love between parent and child, the love between long-time friends and colleagues and most especially, the love for the children of Honduras

Today, at Cemesa, there will more echos and caths. At Ruth Paz, preparations continue for the surgeries which will start Monday. More team members will arrive.

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