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Well-Oiled Machine

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." (Mahatma Gandhi ) Our fifth day in the mountains found our team to have become a well-oiled machine. We had developed our rhythm of getting supplies ready and organized for the day, and we had learned to assist one another seamlessly. We took our shortest, yet roughest ride to the town of El Diviso. This picturesque village was brimming with newborns and children.

Thomas Lott began our formal festivities with a sermon that brought the house down, literally. See him pictured as the tent collapsed on his head. This incident reminds each of us of the virtue of flexibility and humor, of which Rev Lott is the master!

Although we only spent half a day as a clinic in this our last day, we accomplished much. Here are our totals for the week: 940 patients treated in the medical clinic 148 people fitted with glasses 385 people dewormed of chronic parasites 90 children's teeth protected with fluoride treatment 148 given needed Vitamin A 152 infected and destroyed teeth extracted by our star dentist, Dr. Adan 8 cavities filled to save teeth

A total of 2074 treatments provided with 4 children referred to the Extended Care Program and 25 referred to other Honduran medical facilities. The population of this village seemed to have insight into the difference between their needs and their wants. They graciously asked for only necessary medications and supplies, which was not always seen in every community this week. Our team was moved by particular villagers who were bearing heavy burdens. We cared for a 95 year old grandfather who is the primary caregiver for a 6 year old whose parents are deceased. There was a 34 year old mother of 10 children that reminded us of the nursery rhyme of "the Woman who lived in a Shoe." There were a number of teenage mothers whose education had been truncated somewhere around the fifth grade. One of them had a child with severe developmental delays that took all of her energy every day. We were especially grateful to the soldiers that accompanied us daily protecting us in this country known for its crime rates. Don Boyd, who had two children of his own in military service, was so moved by their stalwart demeanor and sense of honor about their work that he gave our Friday guards the symbolic Barnabas cross of recognition. We could not have accomplished our service goals this week without the capable employees of FOBF, both in Honduras and Richmond. The veterans of these mission trips recognized how the organization is maturing with staff that is passionate about the work and creating system efficiency. The team members found this week to be a time of deepening of their faith in a community of believers. The Holy Spirit seemed to flow and bless our work, allowing us to be agents of God's work in the world. The poverty and standard of living in Honduras is hard to comprehend. We thank each and every person that contributed to our team’s work through prayers, letters of support, and funding. "You never know what results will come out of our actions, but if you do nothing there will be no results." (Gandhi)

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