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The Universal Experience

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Two patients, sisters, just recently lost their brother, and even though she did not know him, she understood their pain. She has been there, with that deep feeling of loss. Many of us have in some way shape or form. And at some point, it feels like no one understands the depth of that dread, but in reality, many of us do. Unfortunately, death is just something where words seem to be difficult to find. However, the connection it allows between humans... is just... wow. Many empathetic tears were shed today, and hearts were opened. Kindness was shared and hope was elevated. It is as though this trip is just a continuous unfolding of epiphanies and moments of pure gratitude. And where there is gratitude, there is an immense amount of love. That is why trips like these are so beautiful- we put these people together from such opposite sides of the spectrum of life, and the outcomes that are manifested leave our jaws on the floor. These people may think we are helping them more than they are helping us, but really, I can say without a doubt, it is most definitely the other way around.

No matter the color of your skin, the language you speak, the income you make, the praise-or lack there of- you receive... underneath, we are all the same. We are feeling, crying, screaming, laughing human beings... it is a universal experience. and to think one person deserves a better life than another based off such superficial reasonings... what a pity.


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