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Mojarras, Zacapa, Santa Barbara

Thursday, May 19, 2022

The first thing we noticed was the endless rows of cane sugar that were hand-planted. We passed the mill where many men were processing the sugar cane. We also noticed many cows in the community; many were walking down the street. When we arrived, a smaller community group greeted us, though they were just as enthusiastic as the other larger communities. The mountain communities we have visited thus far are very close-knit and look out for each other. All of the children play together with no concern for who is playing in the group. They also watch out for their siblings if they are part of the group.

It was a great day in the clinics for the team. Everyone was comfortable with their role; thus, processes ran more smoothly. Gabriella shared that she was touched when she was able to get a two-month-old infant to laugh and coo when she spoke with him. She also praised the mother for her wonderful care of her healthy and happy son.

Erin shared that she felt led to share her cross with a woman who was so stoic during a painful cleaning of a wound.

Amudha, who is an RN but has not been at bedside for about seven years, was happy when Theresa allowed her to sit in her medical station and learn how the process worked. Amudha assessed and educated a patient on her own after the education was completed.

The team is already feeling sad that the week is coming to a close. We are so grateful for the tireless work that the Honduran staff provides. The week would be much harder without their presence. We pray for their safety and health through the years and hope to see them again in the future.

~Blessings and Peace from Karen Fish and Gabby Shelden

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