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Team Hampton Roads visits El Chaguiton

Monday, February 10th 2020

Today Team Hampton Roads visited the mountain village of El Chaguiton in Santa Cruz de Yojoa. The entire team was overwhelmed by the community which was clean, well-kept, and its people who were so happy, gracious, and grateful for our presence. We all enjoyed the children who were beautiful, brave and loving. They readily gave smiles and hugs, and Bo even received a heart symbol from a little boy he had extracted a tooth from earlier in the day!

Jesse was able to talk with a community leader who told him how well the community is doing after being in the program for 3 years. The residents are healthier and have learned how to care better for their families.

Colleen shared that she gave her cross to a 9 year old girl who had lost both her parents in the past year. Both Colleen and Pastor Peggy prayed with the little girl and her care giver reminding her that God is always with her.

We arrived back at Alfredo’s house so very tired but with full hearts. As always we were treated to an amazing feast by the staff before turning in.

~Jodi Browne

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