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Team Bethany is in Honduras this week!

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

We arrived safely! We were all blessed with many smiles, smooth travel mercies, and God connections starting to blossom among the team members. The instant we stepped into the Honduras airport, anticipation quickly turned into beautiful smiling faces, welcoming us to our second home. The sights amazed us with how the stunningly gorgeous landscape of Honduras unveiled itself. Some of the team members noted the glory of new vegetation, rocks, and soil. Others noted the dynamics of the people with how they travel and cultivated relationships with those around them. The houses blended with a colorful pallet. Meanwhile, the abundance of fresh fruit at the markets prevailed for catching others attention. A surprising aspect was seeing the herd of cattle crossing the street in the middle of the city. We are sure that God's abundance will continue to reveal new treasures and a spiritual deepening as the week continues!

Friday, July 19th 2019

Today we took a magnificent kayak ride down the river, which turned into glorious views of the mountains! Kayaking slowed time down for us to breathe and take in the culture of Honduras. Majestic mountains abound around us. Lush Spanish moss encase sweeping palm trees. Water lilies and rock formations dance along the edge of the river to add to the canvas of this country.

We were blessed to see the beginnings of a local River Fest! Vendors of delicious smelling food, various clothing, and decadent looking sweets lined the top of the river bank while music filled the air in festive notes. Many people were traveling to this, as streets were blocked and traffic around the main street market place was jammed.

Upon return, we enjoyed our time together while working as a team to prepare the medicine needed for the week. Laughter filled the dining area along with stories to bond the team closer.

Before dinner, we visited the new Dengue Clinic, which just opened for 24 hours a day yesterday. This clinic's purpose is to help locals have a place to come for Dengue Fever in lieu of going to the hospital. The team presented a gift of Tylenol to the clinic. There were beds and netting sets ready, along with IV poles to assist those who would need medical attention. While we visited, the waiting room was quickly filling with people seeing assistance. The impact Friends of Barnabas will have with this clinic and patients was quickly observed.

Tomorrow will be our first day out and we are eager to serve. This team is diverse with so many gifts and experience, I am sure God will use all of these this week while stretching and deepening our faith.


Bridgett Crawford

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