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A Holiday of Service for the Early Childhood Development Team

This week we have started each morning having devotions with the staff. While they are chatting away in Spanish we inevitably miss some of what is said, but it is obvious that God is in the room and that His work is being done here. A favorite part of devotions is prayer time as we all can figure out when to say “Amen” together!

We saw five kids today from three different families. We had plenty of time to sit and talk to all of them which was exciting. The time spent with each family gives us time to teach the parent plenty of ways to help the child being seen here and any that may be at home too.

One little three year old boy with neurological problems and his brother stole our hearts today. We encouraged mom to read to the three year old and to show him cards with colored shapes. We explained reasons both would benefit him. His mother was very excited to receive the books because she said she loves to read to him. For the brother we encouraged him to write a story using the picture cards.

The staff today has been so sweet to us as we are here for the Fourth of July. We were surprised by red, white, and blue balloons and a sweet sign. Many also asked us how we would celebrate if we were at home.

Since we leave on Friday, we slipped away later in the afternoon to see the famous Pulhapanzak Waterfall and stop at a souvenir shop. It is always enjoyable to have the opportunity to see the beautiful country of Honduras and marvel at God’s beauty.

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