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Team Rockbridge is in Honduras

Journal 1

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Day 1: Travel Day! Members of our current medical team traveled from different parts of the United States today and met up safe and sound and pushed through customs. We had members who have traveled as far as Hawaii, North Carolina, and Virginia! There was a delay in the connecting flight from El Salvador to San Pedro Sula, but we made the best of it. We then boarded the bus with Marco, FOBF staff member, at the wheel. Over the river and through the woods we finally arrived at Alfredo House. A delicious meal was patiently waiting for us which was such an amazing welcome after such a long journey. The evening and night was filled with rain storms which pattered on the roof helping us all drift off into a welcomed sleep.

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Day 2: Breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and papaya warmed our tummies as we finalized our plan to venture to the botanical gardens. We were shuttled to Biology Paradise Park where our guide and FOBF staff member, Cardy, answered all the questions which primarily consisted of “what’s this?, what’s this?” We tasted different fruits, saw a variety of flowers, and hiked to the blue pond with two dogs Bill and Ted (it was also their excellent adventure). We then went to the Mini Super La Familia grocery store for some much needed snacks (M&Ms and cookies of course).

Upon returning to Alfredo House, we as a team, counted and bagged the necessary medications for our day tomorrow. There were jokes about “no breaks” and “work harder” which were taken in good fun with lots of laughs.

Once the medications were prepared we cleaned ourselves up from the combination of hike sweat and bug spray and proceeded to be shuttled to dinner at Las Glorias where we gobbled up our food, chased toads, watched thunderstorms, and laughed at great conversation. After returning to the Alfredo house we played a cut throat game of Exploding Kittens (card game, no animals were harmed) where words like “alter the future”, “I am lonely and confused”, and “you can’t see into the future” while wearing the cone of shame. The evening ended with members slowly breaking off and saying good night preparing for the day ahead.

Favorite part of the day one and two in six words

Cliff: The food was delicious as always

Jessica: Flying, Friends, Family, Food, Fun, and Fajitas

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