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Why did the chicken cross the road?

Journal 4

Thursday, May 18, 2017

We had driven maybe 80 kilometers when we saw the chicken cross the road. If Rick is asked "why did the chicken cross the road?", he will reply with something along the lines of "don't question the chicken's actions".

At 95 kilometers away, is the community La Quesera where we set up clinic today. The locals made us a sign welcoming us into their community, it read: "BIENVENIDOS AMIGOS DE BERNABÉ".

For the last few days our volunteer Remmie has taken on a bigger job than he has in past FOBF mission trips. Instead of being stationed in one area, he has constantly been on the move helping at all stations, mingling with families, and making sure our team stays hydrated. He's a supportive team member and most definitely a proactive one. I should also mention- the kids love him!

Speaking of hydration, Janet is a stickler for "no fresca, no café" but "agua y jugo" to the children. La Quesera's community dental health (extractions 24, dental 19) was an improvement from what we have seen, but it isn't always about the teeth. As healthcare professionals we also need to consider nutrition, general health, and how these products can impact the different body systems.

Eyeglass station, weights and measures, or deworming and fluoride, Jim has 100% of his heart in his job and extra to check in on other teammates from a quick break for lunch or from a wave and thumbs up from afar. I should also mention it is hard to catch Jim without a smile on his face. With his kind soul and gleaming smile, Jim contributes something special to each individual he comes in contact with and vise versa, his heart keeps growing and growing.

Each community we visit is unique. Today our nurse Laura worked with a family with three children. The community came together to build a makeshift wheelchair/cart for the oldest son who is paralyzed. He pedals with his hands and the wheels move. How incredible the community came together to figure out how to help him get around so he could still play with other kids. Unfortunately, he did need a referral due to a pressure ulcer that has developed from how his foot lays on the floor of the cart. Laura and Sarah worked well together to do wound care and to help take pressure off of that area of his foot.

Who knew that Rick would have such fun things in his backpack, including 5 colors of nail polish! Rick is the team joker, well one of them (we got super lucky this year!). He doesn't just bring the nail polish, but he paints as well! He's very popular with the pink and purple especially. The light from above shines down whenever the bubbles come out. Even the older children let their inner giggles come out and the rays of sunshine reflect off of the bubbles that our inner giggles come out. Even though Rick enjoys playing and making the children laugh, he's been such a diligent worker this week and has been working the deworming station the last few days.

On our team we have some future nurses who attend (or attended, congrats Kristi grad May 2017) John Tyler Community College and are on their way to get their RN. Our student nurses are: Erika, Phoebe,Kailyn, Miguel, Kristi, and Phyllicia.

As nurses, we are taught not to ask "why". We don't need to question somebody's intentions, often doing so will cause poor rapport and information that is lacking detail needed. Maybe the chicken crosses the road more for the experience of the journey rather than the destination itself.

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