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From Good to Great

A great deal of work happens at the Barnabas House Clinic when teams are not in Honduras. Corn is picked and beans are dried. Extended Care patients are seen each day. Education happens out in our communities.

This week is a little unique. Patti Wagner, RN, BSN (FOB Medical Operations Coordinator) and Joy Gill, RN, BSN, CPHQ are guiding the medical staff through a quality assessment and improvement process. The staff is working through a project identification process called DMAIC. Today’s work was exciting, revealing and thought provoking.

Using the FOB mission statement, “Our mission is to improve the lives of impoverished children in Honduras by providing high quality sustainable health care and enabling communities to become self-sufficient through health related training and education,"

we identified the three areas of focus for the foundation (high quality care, sustainability, and training and education) then discussed what made FOB unique. Next we took those unique qualities and placed them into the focus “buckets” they impacted. We were all so proud to find that everything that makes us unique, also addresses all three areas of our mission. We then looked at how we could measure success in each area. Our final task of the day was to choose three areas in which to develop an improvement project.

Tomorrow we will develop those projects, set goals, and form the teams who will work on each. Our theme is “Good to Great”. FOB has always done good work. We are now on the cusp of moving from good to great. The staff is motivated, enthusiastic, and very proud of the discoveries made today. Please pray for our continued work together, and the work that is to come. Our Honduran staff is amazing! Just watch them shine!!

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