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Repair Team Wraps Up

Journal 6

Friday morning broke to a cloudless sky, a rarity in Honduras. We began every morning at sunrise and didn't end until long after sunset, and today was no exception. There were many small tasks still to accomplish. An experienced team of three Honduran laborers began painting the roofs today. This year has been good because all our projects are winding down on Friday instead of ten minutes before we get on the bus to go home.

In the morning Nury took Steve, Pete, Ann Hope and Lil along with the Allentown team to the next village over to visit Angel House. Sister Maria has been operating Angel House for 12 years. She feeds 120 children their midday meal 5 days a week. For many of these children this is their only meal each weekday, and they have nothing on the weekends. Each child is required to bring a stick of wood (large or small) to “pay” for their lunch. We were able to give them a treat with a piñata and additional snacks. Sister Maria is an amazing woman that has dedicated her life to these children. Her future plan is to build a senior care center.

Saturday will be a day of relaxation and trip to see the family that we built a home for three years ago. They are very excited to hear that we are coming.

I think "Mustard Seed" Stave Claxton has realized that Mt. Kathadin, Maine was not the end of the trail for him, but just the beginning of a continuing walk with God and endless possibilities.

This year's team as always has amazed me with their enthusiasm, hard work and love for one another and God. FOBF is really blessed to have these people and all that come to this house of refuge and healing this year to spread his love and healing through medicine, teaching and sharing the word of God.

May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your lives.

-Ronnie Dillon

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