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High Spirits

Journal 3

We started the day with a Shirley’s devotional about Deputy George Burgin and his new trifocals prior to his shooting test. Despite poor visibility, he hit the bullseye repeatedly. The moral is to hold position with God. After breakfast, we drove to Plan de Encima. Carlos loved the air-conditioned bus. This town has a population of approximately 230 people with 60 families and 60 houses. The houses have old latrines. This community has electricity and its main agriculture is basic grains.

The team was quick to set up the stations (dental, deworming, eyes and medical), and then greeted the community. Dale and Beverly were impressed with how efficiently the team worked together to set up the stations. Pascuala talked to the community about the importance of hand washing.

In the medical clinic, we saw approximately 221 patients with 9 referrals. Yolanda and Jessica both had teenage mothers with multiple children. Michelle enjoyed educating her patients. Sharon’s first patient adamantly requested her cross which Sharon gave. She cared for a young boy with a fractured arm. Shirley was impressed with how professional her translator was with the patients. Nareesa played with an adorable 6 month old baby who was born prematurely but is developing relatively normally. Larry was amazed how smoothly all the stations, not just the medical ones, were running with everyone in high spirits.

In the dental clinic, 35 patients were seen with 45 extractions. Dr. Arita worked with Jay and Susan. Jay noticed how the community members dressed up in their best clothes to come to see us. Susan enjoyed taking pictures of the families (which we shared with them) and noticed that no one smiled.

In the Deworming, Vitamins and Fluoride station, 178 vitamins were distributed, 93 patients dewormed, 1 patient received vitamin A, 40 children received fluoride. The highlight of the day was when an elderly lady came to the station and Barrett painted her finger and toe nails.Evelyn enjoyed working the deworming clinic and learned that people were considered an adult at age 12 in this community. Donnie said that one little boy ran over and gave him a hug after he got both his deworming medicine and later received a new pair of shoes.

In the eye clinic, Tariq, Marco and Peggy saw 32 patients. Peggy enjoyed working in the eye clinic and helping people see better. Tariq learned about the social dynamics in rural Honduras which he found fascinating.

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner of tilapia and a devotion from Peggy. It was about a shipwrecked man who built a little grass hut which contained the remains of his belongings. The hut caught on fire and the man was angry that God let that happen. He was rescued the next day because a big ship saw his “smoke signal”. We need to remember that in the midst of despair, God is at work in our lives.

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