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Hands and Feet

Journal 5

Our Wednesday morning began with breakfast served at the usual time of 6:30. As I sat and ate my scrambled eggs with tomatoes mixed into them I had a thought come to mind. I do not like tomatoes but they were chopped so fine that I just had to eat them along with the eggs. That's the same with life. We can not only accept the good things that life sends us but take the bad right along with it. And know that God has it all in his divine plan. Our divine plan and appointment this week has been to this beautiful country that has forever changed my heart.

We traveled to La Quesra, Santa Cruz de Yojoa. Most of the roads were paved and we only had to travel a small distance on dirt roads today. Upon arrival we were greeted by a long line of people waiting for us and a welcome sign hanging that the children had made for us. We had a busy day seeing 199 in the medical clinic, 214 vitamins, 138 deworming, 53 in the eye clinic, and 22 in the dental clinic with several patients having multiple extractions. The team works so well together that the FOB staff feel like we have taken over their jobs! We definitely work like a well-oiled machine.

Several crosses were given away today. Laura gave hers to a very young mother who recently had a miscarriage. Zora and Davita unknowingly gave their crosses to the same boy who had several congenital abnormalities and had to move about in a wheeled type device that he pedaled with his hands due to his paralysis.

Reuben spoke with a young girl about Jesus and shared the gospel with her. She had never been told about the love of Jesus before. Reuben ended up giving her his cross, a yo yo, and his heart. Linda gave her cross to a sweet girl with a big smile and Dr. Kim gave hers an older man who smiled with happiness just to be there. He asked for simply some Tylenol and a Bible. When we pray we talk to God, and when we read the Bible, God talks to us (right, Dr. Jim?).

Our day ended with a beautiful devotion by Dr. Kim on Christian Community. We are the hands and feet of Jesus and we are his community. Before ending in prayer we all sang a beautiful hymn together. We hope the people of Honduras will know we are Christians by our love.

God Bless,

Amy Heath

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