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Little Hearts Project - Mentor Team

Journal 4

Last Day at Ruth Paz Hospital

The September Little Hearts Project Mentor Team is drawing to a close. Dr. Tom and Dra. Victoria departed on Wednesday. Dr. Steve, Michael, Chuck and Dra. Analy all went home yesterday. NaShawn and Cathy leave Friday morning, while Karen heads home on Saturday.

Our four kids in the ICU are progressing in their recovery. Brisny, Obed, and Dayani will return to the Barnabas House to continue their post-op care with the Friends of Barnabas medical staff caring for them. Fredy will return straight to his home. Reports say that all patients will be discharged from the hospital over the weekend, hopefully Saturday morning.

We've had a successful trip, and we've learned a lot of lessons. Every procedure we do and every volunteer we send, we learn a little more about how to be better at this program. We learn where we need to focus next. We figure out another step and we make another connection that helps us in our work.

We are already looking ahead to what's next, to what the Little Hearts Project will focus on in 2017. Whether it is increased PICU training or more complex surgical cases, we will need your help and support. Thank you for supporting this team, through your thoughts and prayers and gifts. Dayani, Fredy, Obed, and Brisny are very grateful to you!

~ Mary Beth

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