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One Body in Motion

Los Robles Journal 1


There has been great anticipation for this mission trip to Honduras this year as 18 members of the California group land in San Pedro Sula, but the effective motivation began to be truly realized as the preparation began on the first day at the Barnabas House.

Represented are a broad age group, consisting of 7 teenagers, 2 doctors, 5 nurses and 4 translators that have such a variety of skill sets and joys to contribute, but what is truly remarkable is the knitting together of all these volunteers into one body as we give our hearts and efforts to prepare to serve with all we have been given. The laughter and joy is contagious, the love and support are awe-inspiring, and the peaceable commitment is evident as we bond while sorting medications, sharing stories and preparing our hearts to serve without reservation.

It is raining out, with a graphic display of celestial fireworks, as bolts light up the night sky and rain pounds the rooftops, but spirits are high as we enjoy each other’s company and family time. Our leaders, Dr. Ed Chambers and Dr. Carlo Reyes are prime examples of love in action, as they selflessly organize the day’s events. You know when things are working smoothly, that much prayer, forethought, and active preparation paved the way for seamless transitions and encouraged team members. We are also in awe of the love and service demonstrated by the local team at Barnabas House. The food is beyond fabulous, but what stands out is the love in which it is prepared and served.

We could not have crafted such an edifying experience in preparation for a miraculous week of joy in service and deliverance, and remain truly grateful for the years of faithful service that have been shared so we could be so blessed in giving. Looking forward with great anticipation for the days to come!


For many new missioners this week our zip line over the waterfalls felt like diving into the unknown exhilaration of our week of service. Our minds raced as we flew over a vast crevice of rocks and spray, reminding us of the heights we can reach when working in cooperation with each other.

Our encouragers were 3 Honduran brothers who work all day in the canopy, quick with laughter and words of guidance. "Ready? Jump!" Masterfully the clipped us to themselves to each other, then sent us soaring on cables out over the falls.

After a weekend of rest and reconnecting with our friends here in Honduras, our much anticipated week begins tomorrow, and we pray for God's grace to encourage and guide those we serve.

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