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Grace and Kindness

Today was our first day of waking up to the sound and smells of Honduras in the Alfredo House. If food is a form of gratitude, we were given far more than we deserved as we had yet to work!

I was struck by the immense kindness greeting us. Our devotion before breakfast dealt with the constant presence of God. Even, or rather,especially as we travel God is with us. It is easy to feel God's grace in the company of such a wonderful team. Tomorrow we visit our first community, “La Union”, in San Francisco de Yojoa.

This morning we had the blessing of visiting a cacao farm and getting to see and taste just about every step of the process of 100% pure hot cocoa.

After returning from our morning excursion we packed pills, vitamins and special gifts for each community. While packaging Sharon Chandler, a 15 time veteran on Friends of Barnabas teams regaled us with details and advice. At one point during her travels she needed to splint a boy with a cut Coke bottle and sticks!

We packed Tylenol and vitamins to prepare but the nature of a clinic like this is to see disease states beyond what we are able to treat. Sharon said that the most frustrating part of our clinic is seeing a condition easy to treat in the United States but impossible here. Despite that frustration, every day there is something that makes you feel like you really made a difference. I look forward to what tomorrow brings.

After packing pills, Doris our team leader and Sophia Youngdahl packed special gifts of cloth diapers, bibs, knit hats, and soccer balls. Sophia, with near boundless energy pumped up 10 soccer balls, all while smiling and joking around. She had a *near* perfect pass rate with John Mazsure as he threw her deflated balls.

It’s amazing, particularly for me, coming from New Mexico to see such fast comradery among the whole group. I think that as the week goes on, we can expect to see even closer bonds form!

--Lexi Salazar

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