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In Six Words

Southern Virginia (SoVa) Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Day 1

For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.

Ernest Hemingway coined the six word story when he penned this. Following in his footsteps, we each wrote our own six word stories to describe our first clinic day in Honduras with Friends of Barnabas.

Michael - Poverty ended through Love and Unity.

Taylor - Pictures really speak a thousand words.

Maddie - "I don't know CPR". I lied.

Tammy - Team work makes the dream work.

Patricia - Work hard, stay humble, and love.

Barb - Dental clinic is my favorite station!

Maryena - Sugar cane=cavities. Broken molars...stitches.

Becky - Fluoride treatment on Honduran children today.

Martha - Deworming prevents intestinal parasites. Vitamin A.

Teresa - I played with babies all day.

Tonia - Marbles in motion. Love in action.

Bryce - Counting pills. Labeling bags. Distributing medication.

April - Hardworking bodies hurt all over.

Debbie - Smiling faces to heal the heart.

SoVa, Indiana, Arizona....

blended to perfection.

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