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Little Hearts - Saturday

It’s a different sort of busy at Ruth Paz Hospital today.

Daniel, Gracia and Jorge have been discharged. Daniel will go to the Barnabas House to complete his recovery. In fact, Melvin Martinez has arrived to drive Daniel and his mother back to Peña Blanca. Others continue to improve; however one child is facing significant challenges.

In the last 24 hours, many of the U.S. team members have left to return home. All of the medical team volunteers will be gone by the end of the day tomorrow, with support team members staying on a few more days to wrap up. Honduran medical personnel have been heavily involved in the surgeries and post-op care of our Little Hearts patients throughout the week. As the U.S. team members leave, all of the responsibilities of post-op care will fall to the Hondurans who will be moving forward with Little Hearts Project to provide high-quality pediatric cardiovascular care full-time.

While our patients continue their recoveries, other team members are moving and packing supplies and equipment, completing the inventory; yet making certain that the patients have everything they need for their recoveries.

Please pray for the safe travel of the team as they return home, for the continued and complete recovery of the children, and most especially pray for Jeferson and his family.

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