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Day Two

Today was a day for bonding and preparing. We were more well--rested than before and ready to take on an adventure or two.

The yellow cow bell rang, and we gathered together to share a breakfast that had been prepared by the friendliest FOB staff members—we are blessed to have met them. We then piled into the van and drove to Los Naranjos Park. It was the most beautiful place. The trees were lush and the land verdant as we walked along the paths and admired the nature that blossomed around us. The stone path turned to a slick wooden bridge that soon became a wobbly suspension walkway at the climax of our hike. It was thrilling, to say the least. We also were able to enjoy the view from the top of a treehouse. Once we were done exploring on foot, we looked at several artifacts in the park’s exhibition room—an interesting view of history.

After going to a local grocery store (plantain chips seemed to be a crowd favorite), we ate lunch and began sorting pills. Sitting at a long table in the Alfredo House, some of us packaged over a thousand packets of Tylenol, Tums, and multivitamins, while other team members sorted clothing donations and other supplies.

A tour of the Friends of Barnabas grounds came next. We learned about the various plants and foods grown here and toured the rooms where children receiving surgery and their families stay. The stories we heard were incredible and fueled our spirits, readying us to go out into our first community tomorrow. We went to a local restaurant for dinner and grew closer as a group over laughter and fried tortillas. That’s it for the night—after a devotional we ended our first full day in Honduras, with bodies and souls ready for tomorrow.

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