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A Gentle Day

Every team that serves with The Friends of Barnabas gets to share a meal with all of the Honduran staff. That happened for us this morning and because we are large in number, we ate our breakfast al fresco on the covered porch. Introductions were made in English and Spanish by Nury and Ronnie. It was a lively breakfast with fun friends. As much as we would have liked to have been able to hang out at the house with each other for the rest of the morning, the time came for us to leave for work.

The bus seemed to climb higher into the mountain today than it did yesterday. Marco successfully navigated the twists and turns like a professional. The views from above were breathtaking. We passed some very nice homes on the way to the village of Higuerones. Some of the homes had tiled roofs and nice yards. The architecture included decorative columns on the porches. One home had cement swans on the top of its pillars.

As usual, the people were already lined up and awaiting our arrival. The school had one main room for all of the students with a large field in the front. General clinic stations and the pharmacy were set up in the school. A neighbor graciously opened her home for the eye clinic. They set up in the front living area while the owner’s daily routine continued as normal with a fire burning in the kitchen and children and chickens running in and out. Next to the home was a building used for kindergarten and that is where the dental clinic operated. Amy said that they extracted teeth from 42 people, most of whom were children.

The people we saw today were gentle and kind. Although the volume was not as high as yesterday, the needs were many. Those who ran stations in the clinic said that it was nice to have more time to talk with the families and really get to know them. While medical examinations were going on there was a gentle breeze blowing all day which provided coolness for our work, making it a pleasant day for those who worked inside as well as outside.

Several crosses were given away today to special people. Monisha gave hers to a curious 7 year old girl. She kept asking questions and Monisha kept answering them. She allowed the little girl to wear her stethoscope and to listen to the hearts surrounding her. Monisha encouraged her to work hard and study hard so that she can do whatever she wants to do when she grows up.

Anna gave her cross to a man that had a skin cancer removed. She was eager to help Dr. Judy when asked and yet seemed to feel the same pain that the man experienced during the procedure. The man received a Bible signed by several of the team members. This is a wonderful example of the kindness and compassion that this team has to offer.

Wendy gave her cross to a 66 year old woman who lives alone. From the things she shared, Wendy felt that the woman feared being alone and she wanted her to know that she never would be alone because she has a constant companion in Jesus.

We had a gentle and cool drive home with several picture taking opportunities because Marco stopped the bus at some scenic overlooks. As we continued home, several of us attempted to get pictures through the bus windows of the setting sun over Lake Yojoa.

Following dinner and devotions, Ronnie thanked Kyle for all of the hard work he has done to improve things at Alfredo’s house.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we trust God to go before us, to make our path smooth and to hold our hand along the way.

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