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Surgeries Begin Today

Sunday, September 21

Sunday began with a case conference. The entire team listened, as each of our surgical cases for the week was reviewed and plans were made to address each patient’s needs. Dr. Nikaidoh shared words of deep wisdom about each situation. With the “to-do” list completed, the team piled into three “busitos” (minivans) and headed out to the Barnabas House.

Smiles were on every face as we drove up to the Barnabas House and were greeted by all the patients. Team members who had never been to the Barnabas House were in awe of the beauty and joy here. After a welcoming from the FOB Honduran staff, the children sang “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Nikaidoh and gave him presents they made. A big group hug finished the presentation.

Guests included staff from Cemesa and Ruth Paz Hospitals, board members from the US and Honduras, the US surgical team, FOB staff (Honduran and US), and the parents and families of the patients -- singing, dancing, laughing and eating. The children enjoyed a piñata to round out the fun events.

It was amazing to see people from all walks of life, from different countries, with different occupations and gifts, all together. We are here for one purpose: the children. We are here because God uses each of us to serve each other.

Surgeries begin tomorrow. Pray for Genesis and Diego as they have surgery. Pray for the five patients having cardiac caths. Pray for the hands that do the surgeries. Pray for those who care for the children before, during and after each procedure. Pray for the parents and families, as they wait anxiously and hold on to hope.

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