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Thursday, July 17

This morning we took our group photo wearing our Friends of Barnabas scrubs! Everyone was in it with the beautiful Santa Barbara Mountains in the background. Today our ride to the clinic was exciting! We were all lulled into a false sense of security because we spent a long time on flat roads before Elmer took us into the mountains. As we jostled up the mountain, we all made lots of jokes about how the ride was better than any ride in an amusement park.

We set up the clinic quickly and got to work. Today we saw many patients, and a number of particularly young and cute babies! We also had an interesting case where Doctor Cary removed a worm from a patient’s head. This case really impressed upon us the importance of braving the mountain roads to reach these communities. Today during our devotional Gabo brought up the concept of bravery. Every day in the clinic we see patients who exemplify extreme bravery in everything they do. We also have seen bravery throughout our own team, especially in handling difficult cases.

After leaving the community and retaking the roller coaster down the mountain, we all rested before dinner. After dinner, Nury explained to us the history and culture of Honduras. Hearing her passionate words about her country was inspiring and informative. She then gave each of us and job and we made bananas foster all together, in honor of Honduras’s history of being the Banana Republic. All week, in keeping with the bananas theme, we have been playing bananagrams (a tile game like scrabble). Every night we all stay up later than we should but we just can’t resist the competition!

God’s love is truly amazing as we have seen countless times this week. We are all excited for our last day of clinic tomorrow, although we can’t believe it went by so fast.

The Reveille UMC Mountain Medical Team

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