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Saving Time

Wednesday, July 16

Today we had an early start and a yummy breakfast of cinnamon buns! We travelled to the Higuerones community and were excited to see that the place where we were working was next to an enormous dirt soccer field. We’ve all got “futbol” fever, as many of the children love to play! The community helped us unload the bus, and we set to work. Many of us are working with wonderful translators this week, who really help us communicate with the patients. Although we always have a helpful native Spanish speaker to rely on, we’ve all been doing so well communicating with the patients.

Although the setup of today’s clinic was more spread out, we still worked as a cohesive unit. Our team has developed an amazing camaraderie that really shows throughout our work. We all check up on each other, ask how each other’s day is going, and share stories about meaningful cases and funny children. This camaraderie includes the Friends of Barnabas staff. Nury always says, “This is your home,” and we all feel how much it really applies.

After finishing our work in the clinic, we got back on the bus to go back to Alfredo house. On our way home, we stopped at a gas station and many of us bought some much celebrated Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke)! Since we got home a little earlier today, some of us showered before having a delicious dinner of fried chicken, broccoli, rolls, and some “miracle” (Moringa) tree salad. There was also a small roll eating contest going on between Thomas and Matthew, with Matthew eating four and Thomas eating five! During our devotional after dinner, we discussed the importance of not “spending time” but “saving time” and the way God wants us to save our time together.

Just now we were having a bit of a cart wheeling extravaganza outside and we’re excited for this energy to carry over into our service of God tomorrow!

The Reveille UMC Mountain Medical Team

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