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A Busy Tuesday

Today the team had the pleasure of visiting the community of El Cerron. This community has been visited by FOB many times and is a good example of how El Cerron’s partnership with FOB’s community health development program is making a difference in the health of the members of the community.

We had many memorable patients. One was an 83 year old woman who walked an hour (with severe cataracts) only to get tylenol for aches and pains. It makes one wonder "would I ever walk an hour for tylenol?" Our lives are so simplified with the conveniences of cars and pharmacies on every corner. Seeing the gratefulness of these people makes me realize how few things we ever really need, and how few times I ever express that same level of gratefulness.

Another little boy had sliced his knee open with a machete on Sunday. Don was able to clean the wound and put in five stitches. The boy was provided with antibiotics and instructions on when he needed to go to the clinic to get the stitches out. We had two patients with foreign bodies. One boy had larvae in his scalp and the other had some kind of insect in his ear.

We had a very special night tonight at the Alfredo House. We are excited to be sharing our home with children this week. They are in the extended care program, and are being evaluated by FOB’s cardiac screening team. They are staying at the Barnabas House and are being shuttled to San Pedro Sula for testing. We had a small party tonight with a piñata and three marimba players. The kids danced around and played soccer while we cheered them on. After the festivities we shared some of the history of FOB, and then joined together to make yummy bananas fosters. After a very busy day we need some rest for another busy day tomorrow.

Mallory Williams

for the Harrisonburg 2014 Team

Jack Garber

Stan Holland

Gary Lucas

Brad McMullen

Bill Mohan

Don Mundy

Karen Purcell

Phil Quagliariello

Paul Quillen

Rhonda Rexrode

Samuel Rexrode

Lisa Stark

Ben Williams

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