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A New Community for FOB

We had quite a day on Thursday, and the number of people served in La Sorto, Otoro in the department of Intibuca was considerably more than our “slower” Wednesday, and definitely faster paced for all. We stretched our day a bit to get everyone in, so for my first time in Honduras, we arrived home after dark.

Fortunately, we began our day with a hardy breakfast (I say, as if you would expect something differently) on the way to the community. The drive to La Sorto was around two hours long. Though it is not the largest community served this week at 160 families; it was the first visit made to this location by FOB. A larger turnout was expected, and we were not disappointed. The community has a school, beginning with kindergarten and a total of 89 students attending. The teacher of the school greeted us on our arrival (and as is the standard, the clinics used the school buildings to serve the people of La Sorto). The nearest health center is 22km (13.6 miles) away. The community has running water, at least in the common area, and though it is fully wired for electricity; if present, it was not functional. Two midwives serve in cases of emergencies and there is no incidence of teenage pregnancy (this is EXCELLENT!).

Primary complaints reported by the community are respiratory, dermatological, gastro-intestinal, headache, hypertension and chickenpox. Primary agricultural activities are coffee, beans and corn.

Today's numbers:

General (medical) clinic – 394 patients

Deworming – 207 treatments

Vitamin A – 63

Fluoride Treatments – 43

Eye Clinic – 69 patients

Dental clinic – 62 patients

Extractions – 101

Fillings – 3

Extended Care Referrals - 3


R Scott Williams

for the Danville 2014 Team

Ronnie Dillon

Judy Szulecki Bunin

John and Susan Crews

Karen Haley

Judy Hartman

David Helton

Deedee Jamison

Amy Keesee

Don Merricks

Larry and Emily Ratliff

Paul Settle

Lorie Touart

Robin Williams

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