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Statistics show that laughter adds years to your life, if so this work team can look forward to very long lives! The rooster that has taken up residence at the Barnabas House has a timing issue; he wakes at 3:30 AM and thinks we should too. Terry aka "Rooster," with the help of Kyle, caught the rooster and had a heart-to-heart discussion with him concerning the hours he was keeping. As "Rooster" was releasing the rooster around 9:00 PM, he crowed all the way back to his roost.

Day 6 brought the first sunny day we've had. The teams split once more with the Buena Vista team leaving early, and the clinic team staying behind. On the mountain, the roof was completed, electrical work was begun, the windows and exterior door were also installed. The team was blessed with beautiful weather and breath-taking views all day. As the team was leaving, Martha, the homeowner's wife was washing her new front door.

The clinic team started tile work in the kitchen and adjoining room. All chairs were finished with polyurethane, little roofs were built over all the A/C units and the cabinet doors were finished.

We all feel we are so blessed to be working with such a great group! We always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life, but it will surely add life to your years!

The Repair Team

Shaun Abernathy

Ann and John Amos

Clinton Dalton

Ronnie Dillon

Bill Hogan

Ben Kendig

Kyle Kirby

Chris Lewis

Terry Lewis

Frank and Lil Martin

Ernest Sandridge

Stuart Yeaman

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