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We do what we love, with children we love, for familes who love what we do.

Friday, June 2nd 2023

"We do what we love, with children we love, for families who love what we do." This is the quote that the RISE program at University of Alabama lives by. It has shown through all that has happened over the last three days. I dare say it could easily be the theme for our Extended Care Program.

This morning was spent with the families of Jimy and Manuel. There were some special challenges in each family situation that were met with hope by the FOB staff and the RISE team members. There were bubbles blown, giggles heard and verbalization of excitement. Best of all, each family went home with some small goals to work on. Baby steps.

Our debriefing session saw many tears being shed. Both team and staff have learned so much this week. "This will make me a better teacher." "This will help us to help our patients reach their potential, whatever that potential is." "Parents who care for medically and developmentally challenged children deserve encouragement and hope." It is all about baby steps. Baby steps for the patients, baby steps for all of those who care for them, baby steps in improving how we provide care for both patient and parent.

The team will go home tomorrow, but the impact of the work this week will last for years to come. Partnerships in mission work make the work better. This is one we are so thankful to have.

"It shouldn't matter how slowly some children learn as long as we are encouraging them not to stop."-Robert John Meehan.

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